Too Hot? Ice Dam!

We’ve written an article that’s guaranteed to either a) help inform you a little better about the issue of ice damming, or b) get a song stuck in your head. Hope you enjoy it either way!

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Will We Ever Wear Pants Again?

I’m not wearing pants today at work. Sure work is now my home office, and I am wearing shorts. But not those formal, full length pants. Not even a nice plaid pair of shorts, I’m wearing my everyday summer play touch football shorts. Pockets all still in tact, but a button is missing. Guess I […]

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The Importance of Honesty

“I didn’t punch him or hit him” is a line I’m hearing more and more. I parent an awesome 3 year old and a fantastic one year old. Jaxon is starting to get into Henry’s hair a little more often lately. Suddenly he’s no longer the perfect little brother, and he’s capable of wanting to […]

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Benefits of Relational Home Building

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories before. The ones about subcontractors not getting paid, or work being done unsatisfactorily. You maybe have heard about people bragging how they took advantage of a subcontractor. Unfortunately these conversations are not uncommon in business. There’s a mentality that you have to look after yourself, because nobody else will. […]

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