Saving on Building Ownership Costs

Hi all, In today’s home building culture we often get asked about energy payoffs and costs of ownership. These are sometimes difficult questions to answer as there isn’t a plethora of information stating which upgrade pays off when. In some of our previous posts we’ve written about different aspects of a home build and why […]

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Furnace Replacement Tips

Good morning all! How many of you have woken up cold on a winter night? In my case, that would be a great thing, I love the room cold. In my wife’s case that would be a bad start to a rough day! And if the problem is the furnace not doing what it was […]

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Floor Your Information

Good morning, happy Friday! This post today is going to deal with flooring choices. When you’re building or renovating a huge question that will come up is what do I want to walk on? It floors a lot of people. The fact is that the incredibly wide set of options can be very intimidating! That’s […]

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Water Heaters

Hello again! Today I’m going to chat with you guys a little bit about domestic hot water heating. Hopefully this post will get us all into hot water. For cheaper preferably. I want to highlight a few options, what their advantages are and disadvantages are. For every house there will be a different solution depending […]

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